Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Representative Program at Sunshine Coast Netball Association (SCNA). This information guide will provide a brief overview of what is expected for the 202Representative year. Please take the time to read through this information paying careful attention to dates, costs, expectations and responsibilities of players and parents. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the office by emailing


The SCNA Representative Program provides players with the opportunity to represent SCNA at a level suitable to their ability, to experience teamwork, build self-confidence through the development of skills, learn about responsibility and independence and to make lifelong friends. The representative program also provides opportunities for players to progress through different Development Pathways within the Region and through Netball Queensland.


12 Years – 14 Years


15 Years – 18/U Years

Day Carnivals

All SCNA Junior and Senior Rep teams will attend Association Rep Carnivals. It is anticipated that the SCNA Junior Rep teams will participate in 4 association rep carnivals leading into State Age Championships and the Senior Rep teams will participate in 2-day carnivals leading into State Age Championships. All players are expected to travel with their team to and from each day

QLD State Age Championships

The NQ State Age Championships is now split into Junior and Senior and is NQ’s primary Association State Event. The Senior carnival will be held over 4 days in the Term 1 holidays and the Junior carnival will be held over 4 days in the Term 2 – June/July school holidays (dates and venue below)
All attending teams will go into camp on the day prior to the start of State Age. If you are trialling for Rep, please be
aware of the required commitment for each event and the weeks leading into each event. Netball Queensland has yet to con
firm if White teams are able to participate in the 2024 State Age Championships.  As soon as this decision is communicated to us, we will advise our community.


Senior State Age Championships

Districts NA (Graceville)

6th April to 9th April 2024

Junior State Age Championships

Park NA (Windsor)

June to 2nd July 2024

and Selection Process

Trials for Representative Teams will be held over 3 trial dates. Players must attend the first 2 trials. Nominations may be accepted from players new to the area during the first 2
trials and/or prior to the final trial. 

Players must nominate 2 preferred positions and can nominate a 3rd position as optional.
Please note – players may be trialled, selected or required to play alternate positions at the discretion of the Selection Panel or Team Coach.

After the first 2 trials, a final squad for each age group will be named with numbersbeing decided by the Selection Panel.

All players named in the Final Squad must attend the third and final trial.









Representative Teams

     All Gold and Green teams will attend NQ State Age Championships with a decision on White teams to be made by Netball Queensand.

Senior Representative Teams

     All Gold and Green teams will attend NQ State Age Championships with a decision on White teams to be made by Netball Queensand.

Points to note:

      All teams will consist of 10 players.

      The number of teams selected in each age group will be dependent on the number of nominations received.

      Teams will be named after the third trial with the exception of the 12yrs age group. The 12yrs age group will remain in a squad until after the SCNA Twilight Carnival.

      Final teams for all age groups will be communicated via email to successful players. Team lists will also be accessible via our social media platforms after all notifications have been sent out.

      In the event a player is injured, unavailable or withdraws, a suitable player from the lower division representative team may be invited to replace that player.

      Invitation as a replacement player will be dependent on:

      Position required to be filled

      Timing in relation to upcoming carnivals
and training

      Previous history with SCNA Representative

      If a player of a suitable standard in the specific position required cannot be identified, selectors may invite a replacement player of their choosing. This player must be approved by the Executive Committee.

Player Fees

Player fees are calculated when all expenses relating to the representative season have been finalised. Fees include such things as travel, accommodation, coach and umpire expenses, gala, carnival nomination fees etc. Depending on the location of carnivals and State Age, player fees can vary between $800 – $2000. On being named in a squad, all players will be required to pay a deposit of $500 as acceptance of their position in our Representative Program. This amount will be deducted off the total fees for the season. Invoices for the balance of fees will be issued when all teams have been announced.

(in addition to fees)

Senior Compulsory Kit                                                  Optional Items

Senior Travel Polo                                               Hoodie 

Senior Training Singlet                                       Backpack 

Senior Bike Pants                                                Shorts 

Senior Dress                                                         Leggings

Jacket                                                                    Cap
Socks (2 pairs) 


Junior Compulsory Kit                                                   Optional Items

Junior Travel Polo                                                Hoodie 

Junior Training Singlet                                        Backpack 

Junior Bike Pants                                                 Shorts 

Junior Dress                                                          Leggings

Jacket                                                                     Cap

Socks (2 pairs)                                                    Crop Top

Bucket Hat

Travel Bag

Sunshine Coast NA is proud of its players and supporters. We expect the highest standard of sportsmanship and respect for fellow and opposition players. We recognize and respect the value and importance of volunteer administrators, coaches, managers, umpires, and all netball officials.


Being a member of an SCNA representative team is a great achievement and one that should be regarded as an honour and privilege to be representing your Association. SCNA has a proud history and solid reputation of participation at all Representative levels, and we wish to continue this well into the future. Inclusion in the SCNA Rep Program comes with a number of responsibilities including but not limited to commitment, dedication, respect, teamwork and punctuality.


Being a part of the SCNA Rep Program requires all players to sign a Player Agreement. All players under the age of 18 must have their parent co-sign the agreement.  By signing this agreement, both the player and parent confirm their commitment to the Rep Program and the ability to meet all associated responsibilities including attendance at training, competition dates and payment of fees.

Thank You and Good Luck

We would like to thank you for your interest in the Sunshine Coast NA Representative Program and we wish you the best of luck throughout the selection process. 


If you require any further information or have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the office on 07 5451  0416 or email